Mobile Apps

Detailed explanation of mobile applications

Start by creating a complete application with all the features, you will be able to choose from a set of ready-made programs and download them directly.

Applications with a control panel to design and modify images, texts and colors, with the reception section of applications and received on the Alablkishn at the same moment, the work place on Google Map and a variety and other features.

The application is versatile and versatile so that it works efficiently on Samsung, Sony, iPhone, iPad or any other type of device, meaning that you are organizing and marketing all your work from the email. You do not need to buy any other system to organize the order and purchase process.

Steps to get started

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Click "Request Now"

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Choose your Payment Method "Fawry Pay- PayPal - Vodafone Cash - Transfer to Bank"

Pick up from 6 to 24 hours to review your request

After confirmation of payment, the mobile application will be received within 14 business days of confirmation

We give you the control panel for the application of the phone so that the content of the application can change as you want, while complying with the terms

After All of that we will upload your application in Google Store and Apple Store , will send to you the link address and the application's name

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