4 Key Reasons Why Cheap SEO Agencies Should Be Avoided

Business owners and entrepreneurs are often inundated with pre-recorded phone messages and unsolicited emails with claims that, by spending hundreds of dollars a month, their website can reach the top of major search engines


The reality is this: an effective SEO campaign, from a professional SEO agency, is going to run you thousands of dollars each month.

According to Ege Marketing, one of the biggest problems startup companies have is a lack of sufficient funds. They don’t have the kind of cash that well-known, bigger companies do to spend on SEO services. However, they know that to get a foothold in the online market, they need to spend money on SEO services. This is why they often choose the lower-priced agencies to do this. However, here what you need to understand right now:

This is just a waste of money and time!

And, besides money and time wasted, there are four additional but important reasons you should avoid using inexpensive, potentially outsourced SEO services.

4 Huge Reasons Why You Need To Avoid Cheap SEO Services For Your Company’s Campaign


1. Google Penalties Assessed On Poor-Quality Link Building

You may think that spending hundreds of dollars that you’re going to get high-quality content marketing and link building. However, you won’t. Instead, the company you hire for these services for that amount is liable to use an automated software and tools that provide you with spam-like, low-quality links.

Most of these types of SEO companies will put attention on the amount of links you get, not the quality of those links. Don’t fall into this trap. Multiple low-quality links will cause Google to issue you a penalty. And, this means spending more money and time dealing with the debacle.



2. Low-Quality, Bad Grammar Website Content

When you use cheaper SEO companies, the chances of getting high-quality content developed is low. After all, most of these companies will use a spinning software tools to create content. How does it work? They use existing Internet material from various sources and put it into the software and spin it. What tends to come out is utter garbage. This material is then added to the Internet, and a link goes back to your website.

Keep in mind that when people see this, they’re not going to take your company or product seriously! It will hinder your business and its success.



3. Language Barrier And Time Differences Hinders Successful Communications

Many new companies will choose to outsource their SEO services to a company overseas because of how cheaper it is. However, language barriers and time zone differences could affect the communication and ensure a successful SEO campaign.

For instance, a company hired a cheap overseas SEO agency to write a press release. In the press release, it stated the company sold a product that caused health problems. It was a miscommunication that was disastrous for the company and led to more money and time being spent to address and correct the issue.


4. Lack Of Knowledge About Your Brand, Service Or Product

The best SEO campaign is going to know about you, your product and service. After all, it’s much more than getting links. You can’t spend hundreds of dollars and expect to get the best content created and distributed. You can’t expect effective link-building strategies by spending so little.

Stop listening to what these “scammers” are telling you. No outsourced SEO company will spend the time and effort it takes to learn about you, your product and service to ensure the SEO campaign is a success… not for the amount of money they are charging you.

You must spend more to get the best!

There’s an old phrase you have to keep in mind for your SEO campaign: you will get what you pay for. If you go with a cheap option to save yourself money, you’re going to end up spending more than you want to fix all the problems – link audits, for example – that came from the other SEO services. Don’t do this to yourself right out the door. Loosen the pocketbook just a bit and go with a professional agency for your SEO campaign.

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