The simplest definition of the term web hosting would be accommodation of a particular website on the global network. Accordingly, the term web host would be defined as the host of a particular web site on the Internet.

In practice, web hosting is sold by companies specialized in web hosting where customers can rent a certain space on the Internet server or, in accordance with their needs, the entire Internet server. Also, there are numerous web hosting packages on the market that are adapted to the needs of clients, that is, the se

rvices they need to use a particular website.

Term Internet or web server is defined as a computer that has a continuous connection to the global Internet network (World Wide Web).

Internet Service Provider (ISP) is a company that specializes in providing services to connect user’s websites to the Internet and providing them with all the necessary additional services. Today, it is possible to access the Internet in many ways (via modems, ADSL or cable), and Internet Service Providers provide users with a number of additional services, such as domain registration, email service, website hosting and many others.

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