Why You Should NOT Hire A Website Designer

What I’m about to say is going to annoy some people – but I feel strongly that it has to be said as I’ve made this costly mistake before.

You don’t have to hire a website designer – at all.

“How DARE you say website designers are pointless… how DARE you!!”

Take a number sir (or ma’am) – my wife is a website designer so she gets first dibs to whack me over the head with her Chanel bag (a rusty screwdriver isn’t her style… she’s a designer, after all.)

I really don’t have a death wish – so just hear me out.

I want to tell you a quick (and tragic) story about Steve:

Steve hates his 9 to 5 job.

“Life HAS to be better than THIS.” He keeps telling himself.

On an average day, he needs an IV to constantly drip caffeine into his veins just so he can make it through the day.

He read about how a lot of people got OUT of the rat race by starting an online business.  Out of sheer desperation, he decided to give this website thing a go.

The first thing Steve sets out to do is to hire a web designer to build the most awesome website he could afford, which was $3,000.

After a month and a half of back-and-forths with his designer, he finally unveils his spanking new, custom designed website. He has NO DOUBT that his one-of-a-kind website will get the traffic and sales he paid for!

Months past, no sales — People could barely find his website in Google!

Steve is so confused — “My website design is more expensive and better looking than any of my competitors! Their websites look like something from the 90’s and don’t have any of the cool features my website has! Why am I not getting any sales or traffic?”

This is a very common story that many failed online entrepreneurs share.

Now, the sad thing is, that was us!

That was us back in 2010 when we failed at our very first online business venture.

Here’s the stone cold truth — it was not our website design’s fault. It’s was OUR fault.  It still pains me to tell you our story…

So, why did we fail?

There is SO MUCH to building a successful online business.  Things like understanding what potential customers really want, content marketing, paid advertisements, sales funnels, conversion optimization, search engine optimization, and so much more.

All of these take time and dedication to learn and to experiment with.

Out of all the confusion, website design seemed to be the one thing we can control and accomplish now. We can throw money at a website designer and get it done with minimal work on our end.

So, like scared little kids, we hid behind our custom designed website and prayed to the internet gods that our website will auto-magically start getting traffic and generate a million bucks — HUGE mistake.

Go ahead and laugh at us… we sure deserve it!

This is why I don’t want YOU to make the same mistakes as we did.

We discovered website builders when it was too late, but we’re here to help you not make the same mistakes. Check out our favorites in the table below, they can all help you create a stylish website in a matter of hours without the price tag of a professional designer!

I’m not saying that website designers have no place in the world of website building – they certainly do and they can play a big part.

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